遭遇车祸从来不是一件有趣的事,而且常常让人感到恐惧和情绪化. But the steps you take in the immediate aftermath of the incident will go a long way toward getting the help you need and getting yourself and your vehicle back on the road to normalcy. 在你遇到这种情况时帮助你, 发现事故发生后的一些有价值的注意事项.


The first order of business after even a minor fender-bender is to ensure everyone is safe. Assess your own 受伤, and check on everyone who may have been involved in the accident. 如果你有任何顾虑或者有人需要帮助离开事故现场, 停下来打911.

然后,考虑是否可以安全地将任何车辆移出交通路线. 这使得整个场景对其他司机更安全. 如果不可能的话, 让所有人远离移动的车辆,并联系警察寻求帮助.


One of the most common tendencies after an incident is to talk about what happened and how. 但现在不是讨论谁可能有错或谁没有错的时候. Admitting fault, even in a roundabout manner, can make your insurance claim much more difficult. 等待所有事实浮出水面再作任何陈述.


Ask all other drivers for their driver's license and insurance information — no matter who you believe appears at fault. 记下所有涉及的车辆,包括它们的描述和车牌号码. 如果有任何旁观者或其他司机目睹了事故, 询问他们的身份证明和联系信息. 如果警察来了,要报告号码和警官身份证明.


打电话报警可能是也可能不是一个明显的下一步行动. If anyone has 受伤 or the vehicles create a traffic hazard, getting police help is a given. Let them take charge of the scene and follow their experienced direction and recommendations.

然而, 即使没有人受伤, you may still need to notify the police or the Illinois Department of Transportation if dam年龄s may exceed   $1,500. Doing so protects you and others by providing an impartial view and a more complete record of the incident.


不管谁可能有错,从联系你自己的汽车保险公司开始. Using your own insurance cover年龄 helps ensure you get immediate help with things like medical care or treatment, 车拖, 汽车维修, 临时更换车辆. Your insurance company will then pursue any liability from the insurance provider for other drivers if necessary.


Along with speculating about who is at fault, speculating about your own 受伤 is also unwise. Most Americans are not medical professionals and therefore can be wrong about the extent of bodily dam年龄 or its lasting effects. +, the period right after an accident can be misleading in terms of what hurts and how much you have been affected.

最后, 如果你在事故发生后告诉别人你很好, 如果事实并非如此,获得赔偿可能会变得更加复杂.


Now that most people have a cellphone in their pocket, documenting the accident is easier than ever. 使用你的(或其他未损坏的)手机拍摄事故现场, 周围的位置, 驾驶执照, 保险卡片, 受伤, 甚至是天气. 照片不仅创造了永久和独立的记录, 但他们也会确定事件发生的日期,并提供备份,以防信息丢失.


只要事情平息下来, 考虑坐下来,马上为自己做一些笔记. 你对发生的事情的早期记录, 包括尽可能多的细节, 帮助你避免以后错过任何东西. They also provide a basis for any reports you must make later, such as to the DOT or any attorneys. 这个过程巩固和组织你的思想.


你的保险代理人在事故发生前后都是一个很好的资源. They will help you understand your insurance cover年龄 and the way to claim the compensation most appropriate to your circumstances. 因为他们已经做过很多次了, 它们还可以帮助您避免常见的陷阱并加快流程.

The best time to start using your 年龄nt as a resource is long before an accident occurs.  凯发娱乐登录   为芝加哥地区的司机提供了超过40年的保险援助. Call today to learn how you can ensure you have the best cover年龄 and more tips for handling the immediate scene of an accident safely. 我们期待尽快收到您的来信并与您交谈.

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